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Exairdec project will develop an innovative contaminated air purification solution for food preparing industry’s applications. It will effectively decontaminate the waste air emitted during the different food preparing processes that contains a variety of organic gaseous and aerosol contaminants, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter among others. This will result in the elimination of a number of problems currently present in the everyday practice of food preparing industry.
Our research and development undertaken within this project will provide our SME-AG members as well as the wider European community with the routes for overcoming the current existing technical barriers in the course of enabling the utilization of latest achievements in practical situations.
We aim to utilise the effect of pulsed electric discharge. During ultra-short (duration about 100ns) high voltage pulses the emerging filaments between the dielectric coated metallic electrodes present electron avalanches resulting in formation of short -living radicals and ions. These species play a key role in further oxidation reactions in target pollutants (cooking fumes and odours) decomposition of which ideally will mineralize to harmless CO2 and H2O. For making the process applicable for using it during foodstuff manufacturing, our solution needs further development of applied voltage parameters; specific design and positioning of DBD electrodes to reaction chamber and studies for the system optimisation in terms of best performance.
During the first reporting period of the project the Consortium has developed a functioning prototype that allows Consortium precisely evaluate the efficiency of the processes and design the final pre-production prototype. In following chapter a short description of the design of the pilot plant is given.
More information: Brian McKenna