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Retailer and Consumer Acceptance of Promising Novel Technologies and Collaborative Innovation Management – RECAPT Innovation is important for the future of the European food and drink sector. It can help to produce food and drink products that live up to the changing demands of consumers, and do so in a safe, environmentally/socially sustainable, and financially competitive way, given that innovation leads to promising new products and services that are accepted and valued by consumers. The purpose of the RECAPT project is to support a process that leads to closer collaboration in the management of innovations along the food supply chain. The overall objective is to build the foundations of an EU platform that strengthens collaboration between food scientists, food industry and the retailing and catering sectors, so that research findings can be used effectively in the development of innovative and sustainable products that will be accepted by consumers and thereby contribute to the global competitiveness of the European food sector. The most important part of RECAPT is the Collaborative Food Innovation Forum (CFIF).

More information: Prof Lars Esbjerg