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The training of well prepared food professionals, with the appropriate skills and competencies, is a continuous challenge in an industry which is the largest manufacturing sector in Europe. The overall aim of TRACK_FAST project is to identify training and career requirements of future European food scientists and technologists (FSTs) and a strategy to recruit the next generation of FST leaders.

TRACK_FAST is a 3-year Support Action funded by the 7th FP  led by Escola Superior de Biotecnologia (start date: 1 September 2009). It is composed of 27 partners drawn from all geographic points of Europe.

Besides participating in several project activities, EFFoST is responsible for coordinating workpackage 4, aiming to Motivate young people to enter and pursue of a career in food science and technology in Europe. This WP will produce an inventory of best practices and a large amount of material, including videos and web links, forming the backbone of a web portal that will allow youngsters to find their way in the fascinating world of food, from seeding and harvesting via processing and packaging to distribution and consumption. It will cover industrial practices as well as research and development in food processing, nutrition, health and safety.”

Cristina L. M. Silva