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2014 International Nonthermal Processing Workshop

The Ohio State University will be hosting the 2014 International Nonthermal Processing Workshop with the theme “Nonthermal Processing Systems for Healthy and Sustainable Foods”.

We are putting together an exciting slate of speakers who will share recent advances, future research and commercialization opportunities of different nonthermal-processing technologies including high pressure processing, pulsed electric field processing, UV, cold plasma and food irradiation.

Participants will also have an excellent opportunity to network with experts from industry, government and academia.

A one-day Nonthermal Processing Short Course is being organized prior to the workshop for new users of the nonthermal technologies.

Local host and Lead Conference Organizer:

Prof VM (Bala) Balasubramaniam

21-10-2014 till 23-10-2014

Venue: The Ohio State University
City/Country: Ohio State University, USA

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