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6709 PA Wageningen
The Netherlands

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P.O. Box 557
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The Netherlands

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Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
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The EFFoST “Student of the Year” is sponsored by:

Every year EFFoST has a “BSc/MSc Student of the year” competition for Food Technology/Food Science students in Europe. This year we have our “PhD Student of the Year” competition. Students who want to compete in this competition, must have been a registered BSc/MSc or PhD student for at least 6 months in the academic year, at an European University or College. Nominees can be of any Nationality, but should study at an European University or College.

The students could be nominated for their scientific achievements, as shown by an excellent thesis (Grade A), a publication in a peer reviewed journal or patent.

Information on how to apply, deadlines, regulations, can be found on the website

Winners Student of the Year 2012, Montpellier, France

From left to right: Prof Didier Bonet, Cargill; Ana Arias-Mendez, Spain; Jessica Newman, Ireland; Björn Surowski, Germany; Dr Hugo de Vries, EFFoST; Lien Vermeier, Belgium

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