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P.O. Box 557
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Office phone: +31 (0)317 48 02 97
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Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00

The office is staffed by:

Jeroen Knol (Director)
Marleen Scholte (Temporary Secretary)
Wilma Methorst (Secretary)

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BSc/MSc and PhD Student of the Year Award

The BSc/MSc and PhD Student of the Year Awards consists of the following prizes:


1 First prize BSc/MSc: €1000
2 Second prize BSc/MSc: €500

3 Third prize BSc/MSc of  €250


1 First prize PhD: €1500

2 Second prize PhD: € 750

3 Third prize PhD of €500

All awarded students will also receive

  • a certificate
  • an award (second and third prize plaque and first prize EFFoST statue
  • free access to the conference
  • a travel budget of 1000 Euro (any amount over this budget, is not reimbursed)
  • free access to the conference dinner (Prizes will be awarded during the conference dinner

Winners of the award will have free access to the symposium, including travel and accommodation costs up to 1000 Euro.


Eligible students are students that have been registered as BSc, MSc or PhD students for at least 6 (six) months in the academic year (starting at 1 October every year), at a European University or College.

Students have to be registered in a degree programme in the field of:

  • Food Science
  • Food Technology
  • Food Biotechnology

Part-time students are not excluded. Students can be of any nationality, but should NOThave been over 29 years of age at the start of the academic year (October every year).

Registration should be accompanied by:

  • Application form (on the form provided)
  • Student’s Curriculum Vitae – CV (on the form provided)
  • Abstract (according to EFFoST submission form)
  • Nomination letter written by professor (signed and stamped)
  • Grades in courses
  • Copy of student card/registration
  • Letter of motivation (written by student)

Nomination procedure

The student must register for the conference, according to instructions on the EFFoST conference webpage, for a pre-conference judging phase. The following guidelines for the award.

  • Candidates must either currently be students or have completed their degree within the past year. They must present work completed towards their degree
  • The candidate work has to deal with food science and technology or related, BUT NOT ON NUTRITION (it may be fundamental or applied)
  • The candidate must be the first author on the presentation and must be the person directly responsible for the majority of work presented on the poster.

Selection procedure

Prior to the conference, a committee of judges will evaluate the scientific content of the submitted abstract. The judges will be nominated by EFFoST. All judges will receive the applications with accompanying documents (electronic forms) from the EFFoST office. Only applications with all documents accompanied will be entered into the competition.

The finalists will be notified by the EFFoST chief administrator prior to the annual conference. The finalists have to make their own travel arrangements. The original invoices must be send to the EFFoST office for reimbursement.

The finalists will be also invited to attend the EFFoST annual conference. The finalists should produce a poster for the conference and may also be invited to give a short presentation during the poster sessions, organised during the conference.

Application and CV forms

Sponsor of the Student of the Year Awards (SOYA)
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We recognize our continued success depends on the growth and health of our communities and partners, as well as the vitality and conservation of our natural resources. Through our approach to community involvement, we support programs that focus on improving nutrition and health, education and environmental stewardship. Our focus on supporting education includes programs and projects that improve access to primary and secondary education for underprivileged children in Cargill communities; training and schooling to improve skills in science, technology and engineering; and partnerships with higher education institutions that provide access to the best people and ideas relevant to the worlds we serve: agriculture, food and risk management.Cargill is proud to work together with EFFoST to support and encourage the next generation of food scientists.Learn about Cargill’s commitment to corporate responsibility

Cargill offers a wide variety of internships and career opportunities for students and graduates.