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6709 PA Wageningen
The Netherlands

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P.O. Box 557
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The Netherlands

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Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00
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Hosting our Conference

As you know, EFFoST is a non-profit association, with 80 societies in 21 European countries affiliated to it. Our primary purposes are to provide aframework for co-operation among national, regional and global professional societies and their members, Enhance Food Science and Technology (S&T) competencies in Europe and to improve public understanding of Food S&T.


In the view of this our aim is to promote continuing professional development and educational excellence within food science and technology through regular Congresses/Conference organisation.

In order to create and organize a successful conference EFFoST had signed an Agreement with Elsevier until the conclusion of the 2018 Conference.


We believe that EFFoST conferences, organised in different Europena countries, will give delegates an unprecedented level of conference facilities with a welcoming hospitality that will promote creativity of the food issues of the future.


The appointed representative from the EFFoST and Elsevier staff will work closely with each host Conference Committee to ensure awareness of policies and procedures and provide counsel based on experience gained from past conferenc­es.

The protected dates for three days EFFoST Conference are the second week in November every year.


Following the approval by the EFFoST ExCo members and Elsevier, the dates and site must be submitted to the EFFoST for agreement, 1.5 to two years before the event.


We are inviting you to host one of the future EFFosT Conferences.


We would appreciate very much receiving your response by completing the EFFoST Bid Book Congresses – Conferences.

We look forward to having your reply in the near future


EFFoST Conferencess/congresses BidBook