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Young scientists

Your Opportunities Under New Generation of Scientists

Throughout our education, we learn from our professors, mentors, etc from whom we gain and increase our knowledge on facts in food science. However, as soon as our jobs confront us with the task to solve realistic problems by ourselves, we have to deal with the challenge of searching and collecting information: how and where to find it and whom to ask? In science you have to work hard and be lucky, but most of the times it is a matter of knowing which door to knock at. Inevitably we learn from our own success and failure and thus build up our expertise. Nevertheless, we should never forget that a helping hand is precious…

            We are creating the Young Scientists Group from EFFoST (European Federation of Food Science & Technology) as an effort to help overcome restraints and barriers in the Food Science path. Among our objectives we aim at improving networking, developing personal and professional skills and helping young scientists acquiring knowledge related to food science. Through us you will have the opportunity to learn and interact with more experienced food scientists from research institutions and the food industry worldwide.
            Do you need assistance with methods for developing your studies, deciding which conferences, seminars, forums to attend, making a good poster or presentation, finding a colleague who is facing similar research problems/difficulties and finally do you want to continuously improve your personal and professional development? Then we invite you to join and help us! We want to count on you and you to count on us.
            We think science is not only acquiring knowledge, it is our way of life! Great minds think alike!
The co-funders of the YOUNG Scientists special interest group are:
Ana Balaša (Croatia)  –  Diego Garcia Gonzalo (Spain)  – Tara Grauwet (Belgium) –  Anne Grohmann (Germany) – Henry Jaeger (Germany) – Cesar Augusto Lovon (Great Britain) – Cornelia Rauh (Germany) – Katharina Schössler (Germany)
Executive Committee member: Dr. Hugo de Vries




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