Standing Committees

The Standing Committees are the engines behind EFFoST’s work. While our Standing Committees may not require additional members at all times, there are interesting activities where members can become involved.  Please contact the Committee Chair for further information. 

Standing Committee Marketing and Customer Relations

  • Chair: Kees de Gooijer
  • Co-Chair: Olga Martin Belloso
  • Member societies: Viktor Nedovic
  • Universities and Research Centers: Christina Silva
  • SME network: Hugo de Vries
  • Regional and public bodies: Herbert Buckenhüskes (region

Standing Committee Careers Development & Education

  • Chair: Oliver Schlüter
  • Co-Chair: Hugo de Vries
  • Young Scientist: Henry Jäger
  • Awards: Marco Dalla Rosa

Standing Committee Science Dissemination & Communication

  • Chair: Petros Taoukis
  • Co-Chair: Brian McKenna
  • Publications: Wendy Hurp
  • Conferences: Kata Galic
  • Newsletter: Rachid Belkhir
  • Magazines: Marielle Ramaekers

Standing Committee Networks & International Collaborations

  • Chair: Dietrich Knorr
  • Co-Chair: Lilia Ahrné
  • GHI: Huub Lelieveld
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