TITAN is an EU-funded project that will demonstrate the latest transparency-related solutions to help drive the formation of a demand-driven European economy predicted on the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable, and affordable food.

Transparency in the food supply chain is essential for promoting healthy, sustainable, and affordable food production and consumption. The TITAN project is an exciting EU-funded initiative that seeks to achieve this goal through the demonstration of the latest transparency-related solutions.


Through a co-creation approach, TITAN will involve cutting-edge technology providers, SMEs, start-ups, leading research centers, and agri-food stakeholders in the development of a wide range of transparency-related innovations. These innovations will be supported by cross-cutting work packages dedicated to transparency, ICT solutions, policy, business support, management, and communication and dissemination.

TITAN aims to:

  • enhance transparency in agri-food businesses with a focus on SMEs,
  • improve food choices by providing more transparent information to the consumer,
  • enhance food safety and authenticity of products and
  • provide improved information on the health and sustainability of food products.

The project will achieve these objectives by developing 15 innovative solutions, including DNA-based Rapid Detection Methods, Blockchain, AI, and IoT, that address key challenges identified in the European Green Deal.

Project Information:

Website: www.titanproject.eu

Project coordinator: ILSI Europe

Duration: 1 September 2022 - 31 August 2026

Funding program: European Union’s Horizon

Grant agreement no.: 101060739


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