Young EFFoST

The EYES for your future career in Food Science and Technology

Young EFFoST is a group created for and by students and early-career food scientists and food professionals. The future challenges in the food sector, such as food safety and security, require constructive meetings and discussions among the next generation of food professionals. This will support the emergence of innovative solutions for these challenges that meet societal expectations such as sustainability and animal welfare.

Young EFFoST aims at (1) improving networking, (2) developing personal and/or professional skills, and (3) helping young scientists acquire knowledge related to food science. Through Young EFFoST you will have the opportunity to learn and interact with experienced food scientists from research institutions and the food industry worldwide.

Young EFFoST will be governed by the Young EFFoST Council, consisting of eight early-career, active food scientists and food professionals from different European countries. The chair and co-chair of the Young EFFoST Council are also actively involved in the EFFoST Standing Committee 'Career Development & Education'.

We are pleased to announce the first Young EFFoST network meeting taking place the 5 November 2018, one day before the 32nd EFFoST conference in Nantes. For more information here.

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