Alongside the many activities of the membership organisation, EFFoST is also a partner in a number of food-related projects funded by the European Union. We have a successful track record in communicating and disseminating knowledge gained in coordination and research projects, as well as creating business plans to exploit project outcomes.

We are sustaining and creating a European network for knowledge transfer and use our existing network of food science and technology professionals to promote project outcomes. Within EU projects we work closely with member societies and organisations to ensure that activities are synergistic and build on expertise and initiative at the local level. Furthermore, we work with governmental organisations such as the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority. Our involvement in EU projects helps us to achieve our ambitions and aims. EFFoST has also developed publications and organizes events on topical issues of industrial relevance.

Below an overview of the project EFFoST had partnered in:



TRADEIT is a collaboration between researchers, food networks, traditional food SMEs, academic institutions, SME clusters, technology providers, food associations and entrepreneurial networks. The main objective of TRADEIT is to strengthen regional economies and the competitiveness of SMEs.

What is the TRADEIT Project?

Traditional foods are a significant element of the cultural heritage of each member state and are a critical economic input to many regions.The TRADEIT project supports traditional food producing SMEs in the Dairy, Meat and Bakery sectors through an ambitious programme of events and activites in nine regional TRADEIT Hubs across Europe.

Why should you Join the TRADEIT Network if you are in the Traditional Food Sector?

At the heart of the TRADEIT project is a network of stakeholders and each Hub will host a TRADEIT stakeholder sub-network (defined by region, language and/or food group). If you are a traditional food producer, food researcher, food network member or co-ordinator or are involved in the traditional food sector in any way, you are invited to join the TRADEIT network. Membership gives you access to the many events and activities occuring at the nine regional hubs in areas such as collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge and technology transfer.

Why should you Join the TRADEIT Network if you are a Food Researcher?

Food researchers from across Europe have the opportunity to attend the TRADEIT Entrepreneurial Summer Schools in which an entrepreneurial skillset will be developed to facilitate future Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) Enterprise and Commercialisation activities.

What else will TRADEIT achieve?

TRADEIT will also develop a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) for the traditional food sector via comprehensive consultation with European and regional Traditional Agri-food stakeholder and network members will be given the opportunity to feed into this agenda. The SRIA whilst pan-European, will support regional interests and initiatives.

Project Information




Coordinated by:

Institute of Technology Tralee

Project coordinator:

Dr. Helena McMahon


2013-11-01 till 2016-10-31

Funding programme:

EU 7th Framework Programme

Grant agreement no.:



Current projects

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