The ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project will establish an independent “EuFooD-STA Centre” (virtual platform plus physical hubs) as a legal and organisational frame for international and sustainable collaborations between industry and academia in the food sector.

What is the European FooD-STA project?

Seven universities, three food companies and ten multiplier organisations and training providers in Europe are involved in establishing the independent "EuFooD-STA Center". This  center will enhance on the one hand innovative education & training for students, targeted towards the needs of the industry and thus increasing their employability and on the other hand innovative continual professional development (CPD) for academic and company staff by facilitating experience exchange.

This will be achieved by:

  • Work and training experiences through industrial and university placement
  • Promoting of best practices of already existing training materials and methods
  • Joint academic/company tutoring and supervision
  • Joint development of guidelines for the design and implementation of joint “industrial master” curricula
  • Joint development of a CPD programme and certification scheme for company and university staff
  • Joint development of trainings material, modules, courses, etc. to improve existing academic curricula and CPD training
  • Development of a digital library consisting of tutorials, recorded webinars, online courses, etc., a multilingual database and an e-learning platform


Industry partners can train their staff and make use of placement of researchers who can collect practical experiences. University partners can train their teaching staff, tune their study programmes, make use of modules from other Universities or new modules developed in collaboration with Industry and other academic partners. The independent “EuFooD-STA Network” is open to other Universities, food companies and multiplier organisations & training providers. To be involved, please fill in the membership application form.



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