Food Factor Conference


2018-10-04 at 00:00


2018-10-06 at 00:00

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Torremolinos, Spain

The Food Factor Conference offers an excellent opportunity for researchers from a broad range of academic disciplines to present, exchange and disseminate information and experiences on food science.

Food Science is playing an increasingly important role in today’s society: health, welfare, economy... and many other related issues make this field one of the most dynamic and relevant areas of current research.

This two-day conference will offer an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss the latest research results, insights, advances... in the field of food science. 

Some core topics proposed for the conference will include:

  • Food chemistry and biochemistry: food bioactives, chemistry of food additives and preservatives, chemical analysis for the determination of authenticity and origin of foods
  • Food microbiology: rapid detection of foodborne pathogens, microbial risk analysis, food contamination
  • Food physics: thermal and non-thermal modifications of foods, multiscale computer simulation and mathematical modelling of food structures
  • Food analysis: instrumental techniques, analysis of sensory properties of foods, imaging techniques
  • Food processing and packaging: active and intelligent packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, waste reduction in food processing
  • Food engineering and hygienic design: heat, mass transfer and fluid flow in food processing; finding, correcting and preventing hazards in food industry
  • Environmental impact of food production and consumption: food waste impact on climate, water, land and biodiversity, ways of reducing environmental impact
  • Foods of plant origin: soil science, cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables, sugar crops
  • Foods of animal origin: meat, fish, milk and their derived products, eggs, insects
  • and more

For more information visit the Food Factor Conference website.

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