Science and Technology for Meat Analogues Conference


2018-11-01 at 00:00


2018-11-03 at 00:00

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Wageningen, The Netherlands

The conference ‘Science and Technology for Meat Analogues’ will present the latest research findings and insights related to technology for the production of fibrous, plant-based materials on nano- to mesoscale. The focus is on the knowledge necessary to develop products resembling the structure, fibrous texture and juiciness of meat. This international conference brings together the latest research results with the broad expertise of industry and knowledge institutes.

The interdisciplinary conference is an excellent opportunity for researchers, industrial stakeholders and users interested in this topic to explore potential solutions for better meat analogues.  

The ‘Science and Technology for Meat Analogues’ Scientific Conference is the second conference within the Protein for Life programme, addressing the challenges of how we can guarantee nutrition security for both humans and animals, bearing in mind an increasing global protein shortage. The first Protein for Life conference which was held in October 2016 explored the challenges and potential solutions to guarantee protein security. Now, this second conference will focus on plant-based meat analogues.

For more information visit the conference website.

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