ICEF13 - International Congress on Engineering and Food


2019-09-23 at 00:00


2019-09-27 at 00:00

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Melbourne, Australia

Feeding the world’s population with safe, nutritious and affordable foods across the globe using finite resources is a challenge. The population of the world is increasing. There are two opposed sub-populations: those who are more affluent and want to decrease their caloric intake, and those who are malnourished and require more caloric and nutritional intake.

The food supply chain is becoming increasingly complex. For sustainable growth, an increasingly integrated systems approach across the whole supply chain is required. The transfer of technology advances and innovations into industrial applications remains a challenge.

ICEF13 will address ‘The Application and Integration of Food Engineering Innovations across the Food Supply Chain’.

Proposed Congress Themes

  1. Food Engineering Across the Supply Chain
  2. Sustainable Food Systems
  3. Food Security
  4. Advances in Food Process Engineering
  5. Novel Food Processing Technologies
  6. Food Process Systems Engineering and Modelling
  7. Engineering Properties of Food and Packaging
  8. Food Engineering for Nutrition and Health
  9. Food Engineering Education
  10. Innovations of Food Engineering in Australasia

For more information visit the Congress website.

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