CoNFoMa 2018 - Convergence of (nano)Technology and Food Manufacturing


2018-09-08 at 00:00


2018-09-10 at 00:00

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Minneapolis, United States

The symposium on the convergence of (nano) technology in food manufacturing (CoNFoMa) will focus on establishing a collective vision for linking cutting-edge research with food engineering across the food/water/energy/sanitation (FEWS) spectrum, as well as safety and sustainability.

CoNFoMa expects a mixed audience from industry, academia and students, with diverse backgrounds. The aim is not to serve to please but to ask hard questions, in context. Perhaps the most important context is convergence and the evolution of new dynamic paradigms driven by consumer demand. Food is inextricably linked with energy, water and sanitation (FEWS). It does not require any stretch of the imagination to add healthcare to that nexus. What role(s) does technology play in this dynamic system? Hence, what is the “bigger” picture?

For more information visit the CoNFoMa website.

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