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2018-11-14 at 00:00


2018-11-15 at 00:00

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Nottingham, UK

IFST’s Sensory Science Group is inviting food professionals to its interactive meeting taking place on 14 November 2018 at the University of Nottingham, which will explore the impact of our diversity on sensory and consumer science. 

From Thermal Tasters, fat perception and personalisation, expert speakers from academia and industry will talk about some of the factors that create differences between individuals, methodologies to measure those differences and trends in creating personalised offerings.

Emma Gubisch, Head of Consumer and Sensory Insight, Leatherhead Food Research will talk about opportunities for personalisation in the food and beverage industry.

As technology opens up a world of possibilities to the consumer, allowing them to have what they want and when they want it, the food and drink industry needs to consider how to respond. At one end of the spectrum, it could be a matter of customising and tailoring an existing product; at the other end, it could be related to individuals having a better understanding of their DNA and the bacteria in their stomach and choosing products which match their medical and health needs. 

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Martha Skinner, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
  • Xirui Zhou, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Reading

For more information visit the IFST website.

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