Extrusion Scale-up & Process Transfer course


2019-02-07 at 00:00


2019-02-09 at 00:00

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Sion, Switzerland

This course in "Extrusion Scale-Up and Process Transfer" builds on information presented in our three-day extrusion courses.  It covers techniques to scale-up an extrusion process - eg from pilot scale to production scale - or to transfer a process from one type of extruder to another.  The extruders may be either the same or different makes of extruder. 

Following a brief review of extrusion theory, the program discusses methods to quantify both material rheology and the extrusion process. This is then used as a basis for a planned approach to scale-up and/or process transfer. Analysis and scale-up of extrusion dies are covered as separate topics. Worked examples  - taken from actual industrial scale-up experience - are used to demonstrate the methods.

The aim is to provide participants with a science-based approach to scale-up and process transfer, but which applies to real industrial processes. The limitations inherent in scaling the process is also discussed, along with how small-scale trials should be planned so that processes are more scalable.

For more information visit the Food Industry Engineering website.

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