Postgraduate Course - Production and Use of Food Composition Data in Nutrition


2019-12-01 at 00:00


2019-12-07 at 00:00

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Wageningen, The Netherlands

Compilations of data on the nutritional composition of foods are essential tools for nutritionists, especially those concerned with monitoring adequacy of dietary intake, for linking diet to health and disease, for planning and prescription, education, food security, and for trade, export and legislation.

FoodComp 2019 is intended for those involved in nutritional database programmes as analysts, as compilers of food composition databases, and/or users who wish to have a better understanding of how databases are prepared and the constraints upon their use. The course will also be of value to those teaching nutrition and nutritional aspects of food chemistry and to those interested in assessing exposure from diets. Applicants should hold a master degree in nutrition, epidemiology, food science, agricultural science or related field.

The course will comprise lectures, assignments, E-learning and group work and cover: ways in which nutritional databases are used and how these determine the range of nutrients for which values are required; stages in the production of a nutrient database; selection of foods for which nutrient values are needed; crop variety and nutrient composition; sampling procedures and the statistical aspects involved in sampling; choice and validation of analytical methods to give nutritionally relevant values using E-learning; quality control, data quality evaluation and quality management of food composition data; food description and classification. Participants will become familiar with rules for data documentation as well as structures for constructing computerised relational databases.

For more information visit the VLAG Graduate School website.

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