OLEUM Training workshop: Hands-on New Analytical Methods for Quality & Authenticity of Olive oil


2019-10-24 at 00:00


2019-10-25 at 00:00

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Seville, Spain

A key part of the OLEUM project is to develop new methods for measuring the quality and authenticity of olive oil. These are needed to improve the efficiency of existing analytical methods and procedures, but also to prevent and detect more sophisticated frauds that could take place today.

Two of these methods have already been developed in the area of :

a) Polar phenols quantitation to validate the olive oil health claim on the label

b) Fatty acids ethyl esters (FAEEs) faster preparatives to speed the analysis

If you are working in a private or public laboratory on olive oil analysis, you may be interested in attending this OLEUM project workshop, to:

1. explain and discuss these two methods in detail with the intended users, i.e. the analytical laboratories analysing routinely olive oil (led by the principal investigators); 
2. contribute to the finalization of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) prior on commencing the full validation (analysing advantages and eventual drawbacks); 
3. discuss the results of the pre-validation trial.
4. publicly disseminate the methods;
5. highlight other related analytical needs/opportunities.

This one day workshop is organised just after the EuroFed Lipid conference in Seville (24 October). The workshop brings together experts and analytical laboratories in the field of olive oil analysis. This special mix of scientific and practical input to the workshop will be a valuable opportunity to receive training on the analytical methods, learn from practical experiences, and exchange ideas with peers and help shape of the future of olive oil analysis.


09:00 | Session 1: 1st Annual Meeting of the OLEUM Network
11:00 | Coffee break
11:30 | Session 2: Training workshop on the phenolic/health claim method
13:30 | Networking lunch
14:30 | Session 3A: Training workshop on the FAEEs method (HPLC-UV-Vis/GC-FID)
15:45 | Coffee break
16:15 | Session 3B: Training workshop on the FAEEs method (SPE/GC-FID)
17:30 | Closing remarks

For more information, visit the OLEUM training workshop webpage

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