ISEKI e-conference: Food Quality and Texture in Sustainable Production and Healthy Consumption


2020-11-18 at 00:00


2020-11-20 at 00:00

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Online event

This e-conference, supported by ISEKI-Food Association is organised in collaboration with the Special Interest Group (SIG) “Food Structure and Bionanotechnology” in November 2020, will be focussed on topics “From production to consumption” for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system.

The e-conference aims to create an international platform for communication across continents and disciplines, bringing together scientists from various areas of research in the field of food texture to exchange and share information in support of human health and well-being.

E-conference topics:

  1. Food quality in the framework of a sustainable food production
  2. Sustainable food consumption and facilitating the shift towards healthy, sustainable diets (the role/influence of food texture and rheology in eating habits and food consumption)
  3. Food texture and rheology
  4. Sensory measurements
  5. Instrumental measurements
  6. Market and consumer behaviour and preferences

For more information visit the ISEKI website.

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