UNIFood Conference


2021-10-25 at 00:00


2021-10-27 at 00:00

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Belgrade, Serbia

UNIFood Conference will be organized by the University of Belgrade. It will bring together food scientists, technologists, researchers, nutritionists, engineers and entrepreneurs to exchange knowledge about the latest advances in all aspects of food production, processing, sustainability, safety and quality, nutrition and health, hi-tech equipment, ethics and knowledge transfer supporting environment through six conference topics:

  • Food Production, Processing, Sustainability, Added-value Food
  • Food Quality and Safety
  • Food Nutrition and Health
  • Hi-Tech Agriculture and Food Production
  • Food Ethics
  • Education, Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge

The scientific program includes four plenary lecturers, four keynote speakers, eight invited lecturers and several section lecturers. On the second day of the Conference, special attention will be devoted to the dialogue between companies and academic and research institutions, presentation and possibilities of EU and international projects, as well as the presentation of Ecotrophelia competition, in order to strengthen the cooperation between academia and industry. Furthermore, this conference will give the opportunity to young researchers and scientists to extend their knowledge by attending different workshops.

Food companies and producers of industrial and laboratory equipment are invited to present their products and services at the designated exhibition space. It will offer a wonderful opportunity for the participants to present the latest products to broad audience, seek new cooperation and extend their existing networks.

This conference will offer additional social events to introduce the participants to Serbian tradition, history, amenities and hospitality.

For more information visit the UNIFood Conference website.

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