CEFood 2022 - 11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition


27-09-2022 om 00:00


01-10-2022 om 00:00

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Čatež ob Savi, SLOVENIA

Globalization is a fact, but this paradigm also has some limitations which cannot be ignored. However, globalisation also has some good lessons which have to be respected in our research, development and practice. In September 2022, the CEFood 2022 congress will discuss and offer solutions to practitioners, to policy makers and to the business world. Food is big business. It must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

The aim of the CEFOOD 2022 Congress is:

  • To pinpoint and recognize the latest advances along the food supply chain including research and education with open discussions on current issues in this area respecting environmental concerns;
  • To provide guidance to the ongoing projects in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, involving hands-on professionals, scholars, researchers and policy makers.

The 11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition - CEFood 2022 will provide a scientific program with speakers from Central European initiative countries. In addition, the congress will offer other experiences highlighting Slovenian food and its gastronomic heritage. What is food science and technology and nutrition without basic sensorial experiences?  

For more information visit the CEFood 2022 website.