2nd International Conference on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications


2022-06-29 at 08:30


2022-07-01 at 18:00

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Athens, Greece

This conference aims at assembling and integrating the most recent scientific-technological knowledge in aerogels and other nanostructured materials on a wide range of fundamental topics and is organized by the AERoGELS COST Action (https://cost-aerogels.eu) and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

This conference aims at assembling and integrating the most recent scientific-technological knowledge in aerogels and other nanostructured materials on a wide range of fundamental topics in terms of novel designs, processes, modelling tools, characterization techniques and uses from academia, industry and regulatory experts, focusing on biomedical and environmental applications. It also aims at strengthening and creating new ties and collaborations in the aerogel community all over the world.

Networking among conference participants will be encouraged through specific Working Group meetings, coffee breaks, poster sessions, meals, sponsor booths and social events. Early-career investigators such as PhD students and young postdoctoral scientists will also have special sessions within the programme that will assure more visibility of their research.

Participants are invited to submit high quality research works on several topics of interest which include, but not restricted to, the following areas:

  • Aerogels for biomedical (pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, cosmetics) and food applications
  • Aerogels for environmental (pollutant detection, remediation) applications
  • Bio-based aerogels from biorefinery and circular economy approaches
  • Modelling of aerogels
  • Innovative processing technologies for aerogel-based materials
  • Characterization techniques
  • Life cycle and health risk assessments of nanostructured materials
  • Scale-up and industrial uses of aerogels
  • Other nanostructured materials (hydrogels, functional nanoparticles, dendrimers, zeolites, MOFs…) for biomedical and environmental applications


  • Patrina Paraskevopoulou (Chair, NKUA, GR)
  • Carlos A. García-González (University of Santiago de Compostela, ES)
  • Theophilos Ioannides (FORTH/ICE-HT, GR)
  • Margarita Chatzichristidi (NKUA, GR)
  • Grigorios Raptopoulos (NKUA, GR)

Find more information on the Conference website.




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