Food Safety Conference 2022


2022-10-05 at 18:00


2022-10-06 at 18:00

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London, United Kingdom

After nearly two years of fully virtual events, New Food is excited to welcome you back to their first in-person event in London for New Food’s annual flagship summit.

This event places some of the food and drink sector’s current major challenges in the spotlight. By assessing and debating some of the industry’s most challenging topics – including food safety, sustainability, transparency, trust and food safety culture – New Food aims to shed light on the things we may not want to know, but certainly should.

 Speakers will assess and debate key topics:

  • Transparency
  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Food Safety Culture
  • Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain

Only through tackling issues head-on can we hope to solve our most pressing problems, so join the Food Safety Conference 2022 for a day of exploration and problem-solving.

For more information, visit the Food Safety Conference 2022 website.

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