Summer School on Smartphone-based Food Analysis


2017-06-26 at 00:00


2017-07-01 at 00:00

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Wageningen Campus, Wageningen (The Netherlands)

This course provides detailed knowledge of the state of the art, design requirements, fundamental building blocks and practical aspects that pave the road for future smartphone-based food analysis.

(Bio)analytical techniques are essential in the field of food science and technology. Usually, samples are being taken by inspectors somewhere in the food chain, or by operators in a production plant of the food industry, and sent to a qualified lab for quality and safety analysis. It is envisaged that these practices will change dramatically in the coming years. Initial quality and safety analysis will be done on-site, in the field, at the farm, at the retail, at the food production plant, ultimately even by yourself at home.

Smartphones are the ideal platform to make this happen, thanks to the powerful computer, graphics, high-quality camera, USB-interface, integrated time and GPS location data, and the near real-time wireless communication with remote computers and databases from stakeholders. Some early proof-of-concept examples have emerged in recent literature. Simple attachments, costing only a few dollars or less, may turn your smartphone or tablet into a food analysis instrument having a performance not so much different from much more expensive benchtop instruments in a lab.

Target Group

The course is aimed at PhD candidates and young researchers working in the field of food research and scientists from industries who would like to improve their out-of-the-box thinking and become involved in the design and fundamentals of future smartphone-based food quality and safety testing tools. The course is mandatory for the 11 early stage researchers of the H2020 Marie-Curie project FoodSmartphone.

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