3rd Workshop Nutrition for the Ageing Brain: Moving towards clinical applications


2018-08-30 at 00:00


2018-09-01 at 00:00

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Madrid, Spain

Decline on cognitive abilities with age occurs in healthy individuals and spreads through adult lifespan. The mechanisms contributing to normal ageing are the same as those contributing to the development of neurological diseases. Despite a wealth of data on how nutrients and diets may support cognitive functions and preserve brain health, the therapeutic and pharmacological potential of these natural compounds still remains to be fully translated in humans and in clinical conditions.

This workshop will specifically focus on clinical aspects and novel strategies developed to determine whether diet and nutrients have efficacy in individuals affected by dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions.

Main themes to be addressed:

  • Impact of nutrition on brain functions using neuroimaging technologies;
  • Microbiome and immune status: impact on brain function; 
  • (Bio)markers of food intake and cognitive health; 
  • Sleep deprivation: effects on diet and cognitive performance; 
  • New methodologies applied to dementia and how nutrition could play a role.

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