BIOECONOMY IMPACT 2018 - Bioeconomy driving smart and sustainable cities


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Budapest, Hungary

The CommBeBiz Budapest meeting - 06/07 February 2018 - will provide networking, expertise and skills support to Bioeconomy research teams to ensure that the obligation to deliver innovation can be met.

Many scientists need help in identifying the potential of the knowledge they are generating to create innovation. Many also need help in ensuring that knowledge reaches the stakeholders and sectors of society that will benefit from it – whether that is for commercial, social, scientific or policy benefit.

From experience of working with bioeconomy researchers identifying their needs, the CommBeBiz Budapest meeting provides the insights & inspiration, networking & knowledge that will help researchers and projects on the journey towards innovation.

The free meeting in Budapest is open to all European researchers working across Food, Agri, Marine, Forestry or Biotech topics who wishes to upskill their efforts to innovate for commercial or social benefit.

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