5th International Conference on Food Oral Processing


2018-07-01 at 00:00


2018-07-05 at 00:00

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Nottingham, United Kingdom

This conference will cover the physical, physiological and psychological aspects of eating and oral processing. It aims to bring together scientists from the disciplines of oral processing and biology, food science and technology, sensory science, dentistry, biophysics and biochemistry, and human nutrition to present and discuss their latest findings on all topics of eating, sensory perception, food breakdown in the mouth, and simulated, in-vitro oral processing among others.

Keynote speakers include Joanne Hort, Jianshe Chen, Andries van der Bilt, Nikolaos Giannakopoulos, Martine Hennequin, Elisabeth Guichard, Bryony James, Jeyakumar Henry, Mats Stading, Catriona Steele and Sue Francis, will introduce the topics - before a wide range of contributors present their insights into particular areas. 

For more information visit the Nottingham University website.

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