Post graduate course "Healthy Food Design"


2018-04-30 at 00:00


2018-05-04 at 00:00

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Wageningen, The Netherlands

This course provides the essential skills for designing healthy foods for specific categories of consumers in the European legislative framework of nutritional and health claims. A detailed overview of the functional ingredients is provided together with a critical discussion of the tools to validate the health claim. Presentation of failure cases of healthy food design in the food industry will provide examples of “do and don’t” in healthy food design procedure. 

Course design and course topics

  • Through lectures and tutored group activities, the participants will learn:
  • Definitions and legislative European framework nutritional & health claims
  • A step by step approach on how to design healthy foods for specific categories of consumers
  • The main bioactive ingredients for healthy food design and how they behave during gastro intestinal design
  • The consumer perception of healthy claimed foods
  • How to prepare an ESFA dossier for asking for a health claim.

The course is aimed at PhD candidates, postdoctoral researcher, professionals both academy and industry, that are interested in knowing how to design healthy foods for specific categories of consumers. An MSc level in human nutrition or food science, or alike, is requested. The attendants should have basic knowledge of human digestion processes and of food science and nutrition.

For more information visit the VLAG Graduate School website.

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