Biopolymers 2017 - Key Ingredients for the Food Transition


2017-11-29 at 00:00


2017-12-02 at 00:00

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Nantes, France

This symposium will discuss biopolymers  and how are essential components of food and beverages, as well as key components in other types of non-food products. The challenge is to understand the organization at macroscopic scale of these natural and processed architectures, in relation with the properties of the basic components and their interactions at a mesoscopic scale. In a context of food transitions, alternative sources of proteins are expected. These important changes on dietary practices require a significant research investment. Consequently, the detailed knowledge of these molecules as well as the deeper characterization of interactions and the multi-scale structures they are able to establish in food matrices, will allow the optimal use of biopolymers in the future. This multidisciplinary knowledge will have a positive impact on the control of the final structure, the formulation of food products, the sensory quality, the encapsulation of healthy molecules, the control of digestion properties and many other essential characteristics.

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