Course - Sensory Perception & Food Preference: The role of context


2018-04-03 at 00:00


2018-04-07 at 00:00

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Wageningen, The Netherlands

This course is to acquire expertise regarding the major determinants of food preferencesand intake: sensory perception and the role of context; to obtain knowledge and experience in different methods on how to measure (and analyse) these aspects.

Food preferences are a major determinant of food intake, and are largely driven by the sensory properties of food products. The course will focus on the role of sensory characteristics for the development and maintenance of food preferences, over the life course. However, food intake is not solely based on food preferences: we do not always eat what we like. Moreover, sensory signals do not function in isolation, but rather act within a certain context. A large part of the course will be devoted to the influence of context on sensory perception, and the role of context for consumer behaviour and choices, the various methodologies available to measures this, and implications for food industry.

The course is at graduate level and aims at food scientists, nutritionists and other sensory- or consumer behaviour-related professionals. The course may be valuable for PhD's working on a PhD related to eating or consumer behaviour, or sensory perception, and for those working in the food industry.

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