Internet of Things 4 Food


2018-03-21 at 00:00


2018-03-24 at 00:00

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Dublin, Ireland

The conference will focus on the development of Internet of Things for Food (IoT4F). Internet of Things is the interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data via the Internet. The conference will consider the full food chain from primary production to consumer. The plenary sessions will address industry, academic, regulation / NGO and investment interests in IoT4F, with a focus on (1) observation and characterization of objects (e.g. sensing farm and food and deriving quantitative measures) (2) robotic devices (in the widest possible sense, including smart kitchens and 3D food printing) (3) digitizing IoT4F data (sensors, data pipelines and subsequent computation) and (4) applications for food safety, sustainability and security (disruptive and transformative technologies that have been developed and are emerging). In addition, there will be specific academic sessions, commercial demonstrations and design activities.

The four main programme session are:
Observation and Characterization of Objects
  • Tom Norton, KU Leuven
  • Jettie Hoonhout, Philips
  • Georgina Murphy, Atlantic Bridge (investment fund)
  • Greg O'Hare, UCD
Robotics and 3D printing of food
  • Matthais Kück, Biozoon
  • Conor McGinn, TCD
  • Chiara Cecchini, Future Foods Institute
  • Keiran Furlong, Finisterre Ventures
  • Alexander Leonessa, Virginia Tech
Digitizing IoT data
  • Scott Rickard, Citadel
  • Andre Laperriere, GODAN
  • Conall Laverty, Wia
Applications for food safety, sustainability and security
  • Keiran Kelly, Arc-Net
  • Seamus Fanning, UCD
  • Damian O'Kelly, Nutritics
  • Andrew Mullins, Bord Bia

For more information visit the Internet of Things 4 Food website.

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