The new EU project TITAN is to deliver transparency in the Food Supply Chain

August 23, 2022

EFFoST is excited to launch a new Horizon Europe project called TITAN comprising 27 partners, in which we serve as a consortium partner. EFFoST will contribute to the work package dedicated to communications, training, dissemination and network of expertise, and the project management work package.

The objective of TITAN is to provide an extensive platform for the development of a wide range of innovations that aid transparency in the food supply chain and address key challenges identified in the European Green Deal. 

This 4-year project comprises a mix of technology providers and research centres linked to agri-food actors and businesses through an interactive co-creation approach. The TITAN innovations, all transparency related, address the following themes:

  • enhancing transparency in agri-food businesses with a focus on SMEs;
  • improving food choices by providing more transparent information to the consumer;
  • using improved transparency to enhance food safety and authenticity of products; and
  • providing improved information on the health and sustainability of food products.

TITAN will showcase 21 innovations covering these themes with TRLs moving on average from TRL 5 to 7 within the project's lifetime. By bringing together business strategy, the latest technology innovations, policy and the consumer, TITAN will provide the blueprint of a demand-driven economy that provides healthy, sustainable, and accessible food for its citizens.

We look forward to sharing the TITAN innovations that deliver transparency solutions in the areas of food safety and authenticity, traceability, health and sustainability and improving information to the consumer.

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