Call for proposals - Promoting Flavor Research amongst PhD Students in Europe

July 04, 2018

Giract is happy to announce the 9th edition of the highly successful and innovative programme to promote flavour research amongst PhD students across European universities and institutes.

This programme aims to raise the profile of flavour science reseach in Europe by encouraging students of differing scientific disciples to engage in innovating flavour-related research PhD projects and thus to advance the exciting and challenging field of flavour science.

Final year PhD students can enter the competition for ‘Best PhD Thesis Award’ in the flavour area and win €5000. The programme also awards bursaries of €3000 to six selected 1st year PhD students.

This initiave is organised by Giract and co-ordinated by Prof. Andy Taylor of the University of Nottingham, UK and has multiple sponsors.

GIRACT specialises in business research and consultancy with a clear focus on additives and food ingredients. Its fields of activity also include fine chemicals / pharmaceuticals, and associated technologies from biotechnology, packaging, medical engineering to waste recycling.

For more information please visit the GIRACT website.


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