REFRESH - Reducing food waste through voluntary agreements, consumer behaviour, valorization, and mo

October 19, 2018

The REFRESH project researches the behaviours, economics, and relationships that lead to food waste. Their new brochure presents research results on diverse solutions to food waste at all levels of production.

REFRESH has established multi-stakeholder voluntary agreements in 4 pilot countries, published 32 project result publications, and organised a Food Waste Solution Contest and multiple stakeholder events.

REFRESH has also achieved the following project results:

  • Developed strategic agreements to reduce food waste with governments, business and local stakeholders in five pilot countries: Spain, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and China. Within pilots, the participating stakeholders will test new approaches to reduce food waste.
  • Buildt a pan-EU evidence base exploring and explaining the factors influencing current ‘sub-optimal’ consumer and business behaviour and practice, in order to support effective and targeted interventions.
  • Formulated EU policy recommendations and support national implementation of food waste policy frameworks.
  • Provided better estimations of the environmental impacts of food waste reduction.
  • Designed and developed technological innovations to improve valorisation of food waste, e.g. from food processing.

For a full overview of the REFRESH project results download the Interim Results Brochure on the REFRESH website.


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