EFFoST working groups - Kick-off meetings

October 23, 2018

The cross-pollination of knowledge, ideas and applications from various food science disciplines is essential to create more innovation and sustainable solutions. To facilitate this, EFFoST is supporting a number of working groups that focus on multi-disciplinary food-related topics.

The EFFoST working groups, dedicated to ‘Digital Food’, ‘Health & Food’ and ‘Sustainable Food’, invite you to join and share your expertise to tackle future food challenges. The first meetings will be held at the EFFoST International conference in the Foyer Haut, La Cite in Nantes.

•  Sustainable food on Tuesday 6 November 15:45 - 16:15
•  Health & Food on Wednesday 7 November 10:15-10:45
•  Digital food on Thursday 8 November 9:30-10:00
Through collaboration, working group members will contribute to the science and technology addressing pressing food issues. EFFoST will encourage the working groups by supporting communication activities and the organisation of events and sessions.

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