IFSET special issue - Food Science and Technology in France: INRA’s contribution to this area

October 30, 2018

Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies (IFSET) has published a Special Issue devoted to food research conducted in France.

The CEPIA division (Science for Food and Bioproduct Engineering) at INRA, the National Institute of Agricultural Research in France, took the lead in preparing the issue, which combines contributions from many French research partners. The articles were reviewed by food science experts both within and outside Europe.  

This issue of IFSET covers diverse topics ranging from the transformation of agro-resources via new food assembling and consumption patterns to digestion of food in the intestinal tract. It encompasses a wide spectrum of food technologies, namely fractionation, separation, fermentation, texturizing, stabilization and packaging at nano- to macroscopic scales. Additionally, diverse analytical methods and modelling approaches have been utilised, to provide better insights into the complexity of food systems. Of course, a publication dedicated to France would not be complete without researching the quality of delicious wines, cheeses, entrecote and baguettes.  

To access this special edition, visit the Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies website.


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