InnoDairyEdu - developing a dairy science MOOC

December 22, 2018

The main objective of InnoDairyEdu is to offer to Food Science and Technology students and/or professionals an innovative and holistic training on Dairy Science in order to fill the gaps that the dairy industry currently faces.

InnoDairyEdu partners are developing a Dairy Science module intended in principle for Food Science/Technology students. It will focus on innovation for products, processes, quality, safety and entrepreneurship, by using ICTs and OER. More specifically, the project will assess the current situation of the Dairy Science modules in the participating universities and also will exploit the views on the level of awareness of dairy science that professionals have in the dairy industry. Based on these results, the partnership will tailor a Dairy Science module and develop relevant training material.

The project aims enhancing digital integration in learning, teaching and training at various levels by developing scientific, pedagogical, informative and formative materials in Dairy science. Each partner according to the project’s management will create OER learning modules that will compose a MOOC. The MOOC will be supported by the INNODAIRYEDU platform which will be based on the latest technologies for OER distribution and utilization, the interaction between course participants and customized training paths provision. 

InnoDairyEdu is a European project funded under Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for higher education).

Coordinator of the Project is T.E.I. of Thessaly, Department of Food Technology, Greece.

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