KATANA Technology watch and future trends: Food Industry

December 20, 2018

Novel experiences, convenience, food waste and health are all factors influencing the development of new food product. The EU funded project, KATANA, provides a comprehensive infographic of new trends leading the evolution of food industry.

The food industry, just like any other sector, is shaped by the possibilities arising from digitalisation, new technologies and changing consumer wishes. The willingness to pay a premium price for high quality, exciting, healthy, clean label and sustainable foods provides space for the development and use of new technologies, the development of new types of foods and down-scaling. Producers can choose between numerous options of (novel) ingredients and food processing technologies, to optimize foods for nutrition, taste, fun experience, safety and other demands. 

Aside from technological developments, sustainability also plays an increasingly important role in the food sector. Food waste is one of the big challenges in the food chain as a third of all food is lost. The food industry is currently investigating ways to improve the shelf life of foods and investing more accurate best before dates by developing smart packaging and using tracking and tracing technologies. The summary of the new trends leading the evolution of food industry presented below is an outcome of KATANA Project.

For more information visit the KATANA website.

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