ReThink Protein: WUR Student Challenge - Will you develop the breakthrough idea to feed the world?

February 26, 2019

This international competition challenges individual students, student teams and student start-ups to develop business ideas and prototypes to provide the global population with healthy, affordable and environmentally-friendly proteins.

There needs to be a protein revolution to provide 9 billion people with healthy, sustainable and affordable protein. The world population is growing rapidly, middle-class incomes are rising and consumers are becoming much more concerned about their foods. This is creating an immense challenge to produce sufficient proteins, without irreversible harm to the planet, animals and human health.

While scientists and entrepreneurs are in a quest for new protein sources and products, social innovators explore interventions and services that change the way we eat and think about protein. The innovations range from 3D printed plant-based steaks and lab-grown meat to insect burgers, from supreme vegan burgers to protein bars enriched with insect meal, from vegan challenges to new ways of marketing plant-based products.

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is seeking business ideas and prototypes that offer an innovative approach to meeting human protein needs, related to one or more of following themes: new protein sources; new protein foods; processing efficiency (incl. conversion); services or (social) interventions that accelerate the protein revolution. Entries will be assessed on the integration of the following aspects: sustainability, social impact, technical feasibility and of course, economic viability.

For more information visit the WUR Student Challenge: ReThink Protein website

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