The 33rd EFFoST International conference programme

November 07, 2019

The EFFoST2019 programme has been finalised and it is jam-packed with scientific goodness. We are excited that Louise Fresco, CEO of Wageningen University & Research will kick off the scientific programme which will be followed by 2.5 days of presentations from speakers from around the world.

Find the full conference programme here

Plenary sessions
During the opening ceremony, the scientific programme will be kicked off by Louise Fresco, CEO of Wageningen University & Research, who will discuss the role of food science and technology in future challenges.

Plenary session 1 will discuss the current challenges in Science for Agri-food. This will include presentations on sustainable food production, food phytochemicals, and accelerating diffusion of innovations. A roundtable discussion on the challenges in communication in Agri-Food is planned for Plenary session 2. It will be chaired by Dick Veerman from Foodlog and he will be joined by Mike Gibney, Aris Christodoulou, Vincenzo Fogliano and Jaap Seidell. Plenary session 3 will discuss challenges in agri-food entrepreneurship, which will focus on the Dutch and Israeli challenges. As well as how Unilever is employing a purpose-led food system.

During the last plenary session, the EFFoST community will come together to celebrate the achievements of colleagues and students. Additionally, we will find out where the next EFFoST conference will be held.

24 parallel sessions
Looking at the programme you will see that the parallel sessions have been colour coded. Each sub-theme has been given a unique colour allowing you to find the sessions you find interesting more easily
Oral processing, digestion and human performance – 7 sessions
Consumer trust, perception and engagement  – 7 sessions
Circular food systems and beyond  – 10 sessions

Each session has a keynote speaker followed by 4 or 5 oral presentations. Each speaker has 20 minutes to share their work.

Poster sessions
There will be two poster sessions. The first poster session will be held on Tuesday and the second session on Wednesday. Each day approximately 160 posters will be on display, clustered according to the sub-theme mentioned above. You will have ample opportunity to visit the posters during the coffee and lunch breaks. The poster presenters will also be available to discuss their work during the specifically dedicated poster sessions held in the afternoon.

Find the complete conference programme here

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