Call for Speakers - Eating the Gap

February 06, 2020

This event is organised in collaboration with EIT Food. 900+ food professionals, chefs and foodies will attend from across Europe who want to be inspired and involved with the sustainable transition of the food production & consumption landscape.

Eating the Gap would like to encourage speakers of all backgrounds to send their applications related to the food system. Speakers can be part of a local or global initiative or project fighting food waste, have done research on improving health through food, or have an innovative idea should be implemented to future-proof kitchens

The themes of the featured break-out sessions are as followed:

  1. Health - Role of fermentation in our diets & kitchens
  2. Health - Taste & benefits of plant-based diets
  3. Sustainable Sourcing - Role of biodiversity for a sustainable food system
  4. Restaurant 4.0 - Robotics & AI meet Food
  5. Fighting Food waste - Reducing food waste throughout the system
  6. Sustainable city - Role of food & initiatives in the sustainable city

Visit the Eating the Gap website for more information on how to submit an application to become a speaker for this event.

Eating the Gap is a member of the RisingFoodStar Association of EIT food that believes that food is ‘the way’ to a healthier and more sustainable future. The future of food is about exciting combinations that can be healthy and tasty at the same time. EIT Food is Europe's leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted by consumers.

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