EFFoST2020 Pre-conference interview - Prof. Alexander Mathys

October 30, 2020

On Tuesday 10 November, Prof. Alexander Mathys, head of the Sustainable Food Processing group at ETH Zurich, Switzerland will discuss novel and sustainable food sources. Make sure to register to join world-renowned researchers, scientists, policymakers, and food professionals at EFFoST2020.

At the 34th EFFoST International Conference,  Prof. Alexander Mathys will be joined by Professor Christoph Hartmann and Prof. Esther Segal to discuss innovative food solutions such as novel and sustainable food sources, consumer-oriented innovations and active food packaging during the second plenary session ‘Agri-Food innovations and entrepreneurship'.

Professor Alexander Mathys earned his PhD from the Technical University of Berlin in 2008. He was selected Young Researcher of the 60th Meeting of Nobel Laureates 2010, Einstein Young Scholar 2010 and recently IFT W.K. Kellogg International Food Security Award Winner 2020. He is currently Assistant Professor in Sustainable Food Processing at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, where he is focusing on more efficiency and sustainability of value chains in food and feed. 

At EFFoST2020, Prof. Alexander Mathys will discuss the ability of science-driven innovations in the food sector to create smart and more sustainable food value chains. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the potential of making the food sector more efficient and sustainable. 

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Professor Alexander Mathy answers the following questions:

  • To what degree do you think classical processing operations will remain in the mainstream of food production?
  • What factors are currently limiting the sustainability of the food sector?
  • What are the main hurdles for the introduction of insects and insect-based ingredients into human food?
  • What is the potential of algae and aquaculture to intensify the robustness and resilience of the food sector?

The 34th EFFoST International Conference will explore the theme 'Bridging high-tech, food-tech and health: Consumer-oriented innovations'EFFoST2020 will be hosted by Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and held online from 10-12 November.

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