Special sessions at the EFFoST2020 conference

November 05, 2020

Alongside the official scientific programme, there will also be nine special sessions hosted by associations and projects at the 34th EFFoST International Conference. These sessions include GHI, IUFoST, EIT Foods, and EU projects like SafeConsume, FNS-cloud, INGREEN and AQUABIOPRO-FIT.

Two associations will be hosting special sessions, namely:

International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) facilitates the cooperation in food science and technology internationally, across disciplines and with all partners in government, industry and academe. At EFFoST2020 they will host sessions on 'What can Food Science do to Mitigate Obesity?' and "Food System Transformation and the Evolving Role of Food Science'.

The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) will be hosting a special session that will focus on food security in the nearby future with presentations on gene technology, irradiation and edible insectsGHI is an international non-profit network of individual scientists and scientific organizations working together to promote harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislations.

There will also be six special sessions dedicated to showcasing the results of  23 projects.

Safeconsume is an EU project that focuses on reducing foodborne infection through safer consumer practices. Their session will include talks discussing European consumer perceptions and practices affecting food safety and using design thinking for safer food.

Valorisation of Side Streams session will bring together the project results of INGREEN and AQUABIOPRO-FIT and will discuss new ways to valorise industrial side streams materials from whey, wheat and rye bran, fisheries and aquaculture to be used in e.g. food and feed. In the second part of the session, there will be a presentation on the functionalisation of pectin from different sources by Ultra High-Pressure Homogenisation.

EIT Food is Europe‚Äôs leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted. They will have three special sessions to showcase their work:
-  Alternative Proteins session will present e.g. PROVE and VALOCAKE and FUNGITIME
-  Targeted Nutrition and Healthy diets session will present e.g. LEEBSuReBar, and ONCOFOOD
-  Side streams session will present e.g. Food Digital Marketplace for side streams and Cook clever

The Food & Health Digitalisation special session will bring together the work of projects focused on making existing and emerging food, diet and health resources more readily findable, accessible and reusable. The projects included are FNS-Cloud, EIT Food PERSO, AAL-TURNTABLE , SEAFOODTOMORROW and Quisper.

All these special sessions will be held at the 34th EFFoST International Conference that will explore the theme 'Bridging high-tech, food-tech and health: Consumer-oriented innovations'EFFoST2020 will be hosted by Technion, Israel Institute of Technology and held online from 10-12 November.

Make sure to register! Find the latest information on the EFFoST Conference website

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