Final conference of the OLEUM project: Save the date!


The OLEUM project is fast approaching to its end, ready to deliver fruitful results. The OLEUM final conference – “Better solutions to protect olive oil quality and authenticity” will take place as an online event in 17-18 February 2021 on 14:00-17:00 CET.

The overall object of the OLEUM project is to better guarantee olive oil quality and authenticity by empowering detection and fostering prevention of olive oil fraud. During the conference, OLEUM will be presented in all its main aspects:

·      the new and revised validated methods for OO quality and authenticity control,

·      the OLEUM Databank - an IT tool for conformity controls in the OO sector,

·      the sustainability of the OLEUM Network.

A presentation of the EU policy developments will open the conference together with the IOC follow-up of the validated method. Future fraud countermeasures will be critically discussed involving many stakeholders.

If you are interested in olive oil we are warmly inviting you to join our event. The registration is free of charge but it is mandatory to register here to receive the link for the virtual room on Zoom.

For any updates, follow OLEUM on Twitter or visit the OLEUM project website. For any further information, please send an email to