SUSFOOD2/FOSC Joint call for proposals 2021 on “Food Systems”


The 14 partners of the Joint Call Board from the ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 (SUStainable FOOD production and consumption) and FOSC (Food Systems and Climate) have launched a Joint Call for Proposals on 'Innovative solutions for resilient, climate-smart and sustainable food systems'

This Joint Call initiative by SUSFOOD2/FOSC network originated under the premise that attaining resilient and sustainable food systems would require a transition from current linear food production systems, which are vulnerable to system shocks, to resilient circular systems that encompass efficiency, side-stream valorisation and avoidance of food loss and waste and consider the interdependencies within the systems and its stakeholders. Such a transition will have to be accompanied by substantial progress in the organisation and management of food systems and supported by the development of novel technologies, which will play a key role to support the transformation of food systems so that they operate within natural resource boundaries with minor climate change impact.

Food systems comprise food production activities, processing and packaging, distribution and retail, as well as consumption. Various factors, like environmental and socio-economic drivers, influence the systems and therefore, different approaches can affect the resilience and sustainability of such a complex network. Moreover, the diversity of food systems (local, high-tech, traditional, etc.) raise the need to find the right approach to increase their sustainability and resilience.

The aim of the Call is to foster scientifically excellent, multi-disciplinary and multi-actor research, development and innovation projects. Projects taking a food systems approach considering all relevant aspects that have potential to increase sustainability (Topic 1) and resilience (Topic 2) will be supported. Spatial scales can be different, from local focus to projections at the regional or macroregional levels.

Proposals should include research on one of the following topics:

  • Topic I: Innovations to improve food systems sustainability, with a focus on increasing resource efficiency and reducing waste
  • Topic II: Food Systems adaptation and resilience to system shocks

The Joint Call 2021 follows a one-stage procedure with a deadline for the submission of proposals on 16 August 2021 - 3 p.m. (CEST).

For more information about the Call, please visit the SUSFOOD website or FOSC website.