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May 19, 2021

In this paper, Prof. Ronan Gormley discusses the output and highlights from 11 annual EFFoST International conferences held throughout Europe in the period 2010–2020. The Journal of Trends in Food Science and Technology is providing free access to this article.

The EFFoST International  Conference has had a range of themes in food science and technology, including innovation, sustainability, valorisation, food safety, food and health, food properties, consumer aspects and related areas for which a series of summary reports have been published in the journal Trends in Food Science and Technology. This paper collates the outputs from 11 conferences, namely 283 plenary/keynote lectures, 982 theme lectures, 3196 posters and 4710 attendees. This represents a very large dissemination effort by any standard and augers well for the status of food science and technology in Europe and also more globally.

Special sessions are a feature of recent EFFoST conferences, consisting of discussion platforms/forums with chairpersons and ‘hot topics’ for debate. Two examples are (i) the OLEUM project which aims to better guarantee olive oil quality and authenticity, and (ii) the valorisation of side streams.

Foremost among special sessions are those for young scientists. The Young EFFoST Day provides an opportunity for young food professionals to expand their competencies and network in food science. It is a day for young scientists managed by young scientists. Networking between conference attendees at posters sessions, coffee and lunch breaks is a key part of each conference, which facilitates information exchange and the framing of new collaborative projects.

Read the full article on Trends in Food Science and Technology, it will be accessible for all till November 2021. 

EFFoST2021 will be held in the city of Lausanne from 1-4 November 2021. Young EFFoST Day 2021 will be held on 1 November. If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a special session for your project or association, please contact Linda Scholten.


This paper is written by Professor Ronan Gormley, who has summarized the outcomes of the annual EFFoST conferences for the last decade. He is Adjunct Professor at the University College Dublin, Institute of Food and Health. In 2017, he received the EFFoST Science to Society Award for his outstanding contribution in presenting the outcomes of research to the widest possible audience. His acclaimed easy-to-understand layman’s style of writing has also been applied here.








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