Call for abstracts - SafeConsume International Conference

February 22, 2022

Ideas, products, research findings or strategies that influence consumer practices to reduce the risk of foodborne are invited to submit their abstract for presentation through a pitch or poster by 1 April 2022.

The Safeconsume consortium is hosting the conference “Shedding light on the dark territory of food safety – future solutions for risk reduction in domestic kitchens“. The event will be held in the city of Bucharest, Romania in June 2022.  

Safe food is a shared responsibility of all actors along the food chain. As the last line of defense stands the consumer. About 40% of all reported foodborne illnesses in Europe are acquired from food consumed at home and there is a need for new approaches to help consumers mitigate risk. A combination of strategies is necessary, including as material infrastructures aiding safe behaviours, improved skills and knowledge and an inclusive food safety policy. 

This conference will provide a state-of-the-art introduction to consumer practices that affect the risk of foodborne infection and a range of strategies to reduce this risk. The programme is a combination of short presentations, demonstrations, and debates. Participants are invited to share their own ideas, products, findings or viewpoint through a pitch or poster.  

There s also a possibility for papers presented at the conference to be sent for publication to Food Control, while undergoing the regular peer-review as all submitted manuscripts.

The conference will be of interest for policy actors, scientists, risk communicators, educators and anyone interested in food safety at the consumer part of the chain.

For more information please visit the SafeConsume Conference website

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